Phase 5, Our Newest Addition

Austin Ranch just keeps getting better and better. We broke ground on Phase 5 this summer, with plans to open the first buildings in February 2009.

The design style of Phase 5 is known as Romantic Industrial, featuring the charm of red brick and large contemporary windows in a variety of building types including town homes, studios and lofts.

A total of 535 units within 18 spacious new buildings will be available with a selection of uniquely designed floor plans. Because there is such high demand, Phase 5 will offer 444 one-bedrooms, and 88 two and three-bedroom units.

In addition, we are excited to announce that
Phase 5 will include a great new feature for our residents: a four-level parking garage with 473 parking spaces! We know our residents will love this new amenity.
Phase 5 will also offer a number of new retail opportunities along Windhaven Parkway. The 22,600 square feet of retail space will house restaurants, cafés and some surprises. Stay tuned.

This phase will complete the eastern edge of Town Center with a beautiful mimicking arch that is actually a trellis. This botanical wall, coupled with the projection wall across the street at Austin Square, will create a charming gateway into the Village Green. A lovely boulevard and landscaped median will culminate at the south end, with a grand arch framing the view into Arbor Hills Park.

Last, but far from least, another fabulous swimming pool is being designed for Phase 5 by Texas artist and UT professor Margo Sawyer, who has quite a following in contemporary art circles. The pool area will include a large courtyard with complementary landscaping designed to create natural “rooms” adjacent to the water area, with outdoor grills and shade trees.

Completion of Phase 5 is scheduled for early 2010 but new residents will begin to move in to the first completed apartments in summer 2009.

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